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"Song of Myself"
         I think that Walt Whitman's "Song Of Myself" is talking about how he will not keep quiet or stay quiet when he sees injustice being made. That throu him the silent and one's oppress will have a voice. He will be that voice that will speak up not only for them but for himself as well. In the section that he refers to the veiled voices, I think he is saying is that or he is refering to all those who at one point or another had to stay quite when they were not able to speak up. Veiled meaning or refering to something that has to be coverd up and can not be made public. He uses the veiled voices as the same thing voices that could not be made public if they wanted to say something it would only be spoken behind close doors. Democracy is a place where people have freedom rights, such as freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly just to name a few. This poem relates to democracy it the way that (Whitman) is standing up for all of those voices that were one's oppress. He is showing is rights and declaring that he will not put his fingers across his mouth, meaning that since he has rights he will use this rights to say what he feels, and what he has on his mid without feeling scare or intimatated by anyone. This is what I think that this poem was about I might not have it correctly but is what I think about it.